Remember those days when the instant camera can only print out photos on-the-spot? They’re now upping their game, probably due to stiff competition from phone cameras. One camera can even record videos.

The new Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ20, available in Beige or Matte Black, has a “Motion Mode” feature, which allows you to capture footage of up to 26 seconds. That’s not all—you can also keep a piece of the moment by choosing your favourite frame from the video and printing it out. Oh, did we mention that you can print the photos in squares?

Here are other exciting features of the SQ20.


Time Shift Collage

Don’t you sometimes take a photo and wished you had taken a shot a millisecond before when your hair was still unruffled by the sudden wind? With The Time Shift Collage, you can because it captures four images with a time difference all at once. Which means, just a single push of the shutter button produces four images. If you stood still, you will, of course, exactly the same pose in all four frames (LOL).


This special filter makes your photo looks more dreamy. Think of it as having the VSCO app on your instax. You can also edit your images with other in-built filters in the camera before printing.

Zoom function


Yes, you can now zoom in to a subject before snapping the photo. Which means, you no longer have to creepily go really close to someone if you want to snap a close-up.

The mirror

In the day of selfies and wefies, it’s a bit hard to snap those without a front-facing camera with a screen. The good news is, this instant camera has a self-shot mirror attached to the side of the lens for you to check that everyone—or everything—is in frame before clicking the shutter. This means you don’t have to blindly aim your camera and leave it to fate. So convenient!

PS: If the “Motion Mode” is not important to you and you’re a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, Fujifilm recently launched the Taylor Swift edition of instax SQUARE SQ6 and instax SQUARE Film!