To a fashion girl, everything can be a fashion accessory, whether it’s a water bottle, a camera or a mobile phone. If it looks great for the ‘gram, we’re sold. Better yet if it can take photos for the ‘gram.

Yes, phone cameras are convenient, but sometimes you want that crisp photo quality that a semi-pro camera delivers. Or a video camera that is compact for vlogging without eating into your phone’s memory. If they’re pretty and come in millennial-favourite hues like mint green, and double up as a fashion accessory? All the more we need them.

Well, good news: the new Fujifilm X-A7 is an entry-level mirrorless camera that will allow you to take videos with quality that rival top vloggers’.

The best thing yet? The lenses are interchangeable!


Now, you don’t have to rack your brains on how to capture that macro shot of the high tea trolley you’re enjoying at a restaurant or a wide angle shot of the Eiffel Tower during your travels. Oh, did we also mention you can flip the screen so you can see how you look like on camera instead of just recording and hoping for the best?


It’s also available in millennials’ favourite hue, Mint, as well as three other colours: Camel, Silver and Dark Silver.


Not convinced why you should buy it yet? Here are other reasons to get your hands on it.

It has touchscreen capabilities


By now, we’re all used to touchscreen devices and some of us might even complain about our computers and TV not having that capability. You definitely won’t be complaining about that with this camera, which has a touchscreen functionality, allowing you to easily control the depth, focus and other features of the camera for that perfect shot.

You can transfer photos instantly

One of the things that differentiate the X-A7 from other cameras is its capability to transfer images from camera to phone instantly. Yes, we get that you still have to use your phone to upload to social media, which is why they’re making it easy for you to do so. All you gotta do is plug a cable from the camera into your iOS or Android device and you can start downloading the photos to your phone. Didn’t bring the cable? You can download the Camera Remote app and transfer them via WiFi.

You can get filters on the camera


OK, we’re not talking about filters that show you vomitting a rainbow, but film simulations that allow you to control the colours or even shoot in greyscale. And since millennials are into film cameras now, fun fact: the control icons are shaped like rolls of film.

It can be charged using a power bank

Camera running out of juice in the middle of vlogging? While you might have had to run to the nearest power point to charge the battery in the past, you can easily charge the X-A7 with a power bank! Of course, you can still charge it the traditional way with a power point but hey, ain’t nobody got time to be looking for an electrical outlet when they’re busy creating great content.

It’s lightweight


The camera allows you to shoot 4K, high-speed video to capture stunning images and footage but without the need to lug around a heavy pro camera. With a camera body that weights just 320g, you can bring this around on your travels without worrying about the extra weight, whether in your luggage or on your shoulders.

It’s basically an extension of your smartphone

If you like how your photos are not only time-stamped but also geo-tagged, you can use your phone’s GPS coordinates to ensure your images on the phone are also location-tagged. So if you have 50 shots of fireworks in your phone or camera, you no longer have to wonder in which part of Singapore those were taken.

You can take photos using your phone

You can use your phone to act as a remote control to trigger the shutter of X-A7! This is great if you have your camera on a tripod and need to trigger the shutter remotely, or if you need to reduce shake when taking in low-light condition (because the tripod is confirm plus chop more stable than your hands).

Fujifilm X-A7/XC15-45mm Kit retails for $1,099 and is now available at authorised retailers islandwide.