We’ve been reading about sad news the last couple of days, but here’s a piece of news that will cheer you up and make you believe there’s hope for humanity: A GrabFood rider being treated to a meal by a customer.

Last Saturday (July 27), a Yishun resident ordered fried rice and an iced tea from an Indian-Muslim stall and treated his Grabfood rider to a meal.

His message in the app, “Your supper, bro, enjoy,” appeared to have warmed both the heart and belly of the deliveryman.

Twitter user @fadkasian, who picked up the order that night, shared a series of screenshots of a conversation he had with a customer named Terence.

Afraid that the deliveryman would miss his note, Terence sent him another message: “Food is yours, have a good night my friend.”

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“Are you being serious? I mean I can send it over, that’s my job,” the rider asked.

“Yes, (I’m) serious. Haha, take it.”

Even though the rider insisted on making the delivery, the customer meant it when he said that he was treating him to supper.

Seeing how the tweet has been shared 2,500 times, we’d like to think that Terence made a new friend that day.

The Yishun district is renowned more for its share of stranger things — you could, for example, bump into the mask lady.

Now, we can add a nice resident to the list. And also nice food places, if you haven’t checked those out.

Image: The Straits Times File Photo
Text: Lam Min Lee / AsiaOne / July 2019