When you go on a Korean drama binge, you start to notice that a majority of them follow a similar formula. But even though we can smell the plot coming from a mile away, we’re still glued to our screens. Why??? (Answer: the handsome actors. In a way, our love for Korean dramas is also inexplicable.)

  1. Pay for all the shopping

    Your oppa is also your personal ATM.
  2. Yank girls around

    In K-drama land, the wrist grab is usually the first skin-to-skin contact between the two lead characters who eventually fall in love.
  3. Fight another guy for the love of his life

    It ranges from petty tricks, like how Baek Seung Chan gets back at Ra Joon Mo in The Producers, to an all-out fist fight, like Kim Tan and Choi Young Do’s violent clashes in The Heirs. Bonus if the female lead rushes in between them to break up the fight.
  4. Kiss very awkwardly

    No tongue, no biting, no nothing. Never mind that the couple overcame all odds to be together, all they want to do to each other is touch lips in a very PG way for a prolonged period of time. Can don’t so anti-climax or not?
  5. Fall in love at first sight

    Yeah, sure, decide that she’s the one for you without even talking to her first.
  6.  Falling asleep on a girl’s shoulder

    In Korean dramas, first base is when the guy yanks the girl’s hand, presumably to run away from the villain or catch a bus, idk. Second base is where he accidentally-on-purpose falls asleep on her shoulder, causing butterflies in her stomach.
  7. Talk back to their mothers who doesn’t like their new gf

    Either because the girl is too poor for their rich family or because the girl unknowingly pissed her future mother-in-law off. You know you’re old when you totally understand why the mother is mad.
  8. Sob uncontrollably

    Sometimes because of the abovementioned mothers, sometimes because of circumstances that keeps them apart from their bae, and occasionally because they got dumped. It can happen anywhere: in an empty room, in front of others, and the most cliché of all – in the pouring rain.
  9. Standing uncomfortably close to the female lead

    Making her – and the viewers (aka us) – thirsty AF in the process.

Image: YouTube
Text: Sophie Hong