Just when you thought things couldn’t get messier, it did. The Show Luo sex scandal now involves the singer Hebe Tien. It’s not because she’s now perceived as one of Show Luo’s women, but it’s because of her comments made online.

She just happened to chime in on the scandal and found herself in the crosshairs of netizens who perceived her as one of Show’s supporters. The brouhaha got so out-of-hand that Hebe had to apologise, and now, it has reportedly even caused her to lose sponsorship deals to Taiwanese singer-actress Angela Chang.

According to Mirror Media, it started when Hebe shared a post by Taiwanese psychiatrist Teng Hui-wen.

Hebe Tien Involved In Show Luo Sex Scandal
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Hui-wen wrote in the now-deleted post: “Celebrities have a big influence on kids. To the media and hosts, please don’t go too far to discuss how trashy the scumbags are or how ‘woke’ women are so strong. Please think about the fact that young kids aren’t just reading gossip, they’re seeing how an attack against an ex-lover can be launched on the internet.

“[What if they think] ‘Why don’t I write a post and let everyone know what he/she is like?’ Public opinion as a weapon can be used for good, but it can also be used for personal vendettas.”

Hebe shared the post on Facebook and hashtagged #ThisIsWhatIBelieve.

Netizens were triggered because they felt like Hebe had double standards — when bandmate Selina divorced lawyer Richard Chang, Hebe took to social media to call him out. However, when news of Show’s cheating broke, Hebe was perceived to be supporting the disgraced singer by sharing Hui-wen’s post and insinuating that Show’s ex Grace Chow was a ‘girlfriend from hell’.

Mirror Media reported that the backlash has cost her some business and advertising endorsements in China, which went to Angela instead. Apart from the outrage against Hebe, other factors that led to Angela clinching the deals included her ability to both sing and dance, her popularity in China, and her reasonable fee.

Sources told Mirror Media that Angela’s management hopes to capitalise on this surge in momentum to propel her career to greater heights. It’s said that Angela charges 1.5 million yuan (S$299,788) per episode for a particular Chinese television show and she could clinch a 14-episode deal.

Including her endorsement deals, Angela’s set to earn at least NT$100 million (S$4.7 million).

Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / May 2020
Additional text: Sally Manik
Images: @hebe_tien_0330 / Instagram, @angela_zhangshaohan / Instagram