Meet Chapman Sim, a 31-year-old Singaporean and the very best like no one ever was. As of approximately 1am on Sep 7, 2016, he became a legit Pokemon master by completing his Pokedex on Pokemon Go – without the use of bots or getting friends who are overseas to log in for him.

The last Pokemon he needed to complete his Pokedex? Mr Mime, a region-exclusive pokemon that’s only available in Europe. He caught his right outside Westminister Abbey in London.

A professional gamer, Chapman says that he was on a work trip in Seattle when he caught his 143th pokemon, Tauros, which is also a region exclusive (US only) pokemon.


By a stroke of luck, a Lapras spawned in his hotel room, which meant he was only left with Mr Mime to complete his Pokedex.

“When I finally found Lapras, I decided to book a flight to London the next day so that I can complete my Pokedex immediately. I gave myself around 20 hours in London to find Mr Mime, and then I’m flying back to Seattle to continue my travels,” he says.

“I do not believe that I am the first Singaporean to complete my Pokedex, but I am very likely the first person in Singapore and Asia to do it without cheating – such as botting, GPS spoofing and getting others to log in,” Chapman tells CLEO in an email interview.

“I think it is in poor taste and an insult to genuinely dedicated players who put in the effort and time. I am extremely happy to earn this achievement and it is a great source of pride to me since it further solidifies me as a serious gamer and driven person.”

Chapman says that he’s spent around $300 on in-game purchases. As for travel expenses, it’s hard to give an exact figure because some of his Pokemon hunts coincided with work trips. For instance, when he was in Guangzhou for business, he detoured to Hong Kong for an afternoon, spending about SGD100 on that side trip. He also spent 110,000 airline miles on a return ticket from Seattle to London and USD200 ($269.25) in taxes to catch Mr Mime. Just FYI, that’s roughly USD1500 ($2019.23) for a single Pokemon, but we guess this is what true dedication looks like.

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Here are the screenshots of his completed 145/145 Pokedexin all its glory – the six missing Pokemon (Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew) are not available in the game yet.

Wondering how he did it? Here’s all the proof of his travels:

What’s next then, now that he has completed his Pokedex?

“My next goal is to reach Level 40 and build up a team of even stronger Pokemon. For example, I have a Level 3000 CP Dragonite and it cannot improve any further unless I level up. This is why I left combating gyms to a later stage, because your Pokemon’s CP is dependent on your trainer level! I also hope to complete all the achievements in the game, such as catching 200 Pikachu, while waiting the release of new features and new Pokemon.”

“I also have several projects lined up at the moment. One that I’m particularly excited about is a collaboration with my sister, Cherin Sim, who is a visual artist. We’re talking about doing something cool, but I don’t want to spill the beans until it’s been confirmed!”


Images: Chapman Sim

Text: Sophie Hong