Everyone is thirsty for the new iPhone 7. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise since it packs a punch.

So when Singtel announced that customers could book an appointment online to purchase a phone, everyone when cray with excitement. The only problem? The server crashed – more than once.

The telco was forced to halt reservations, which started at 3pm yesterday. One Singtel employee tweeted that booking would resume at 5pm.


5pm came and went, and Singtel announced that the system would be up today at 10am instead.


But people on Twitter complained that the system hanged and they couldn’t even move on to the next step after choosing a phone.


Singtel customer Jun told CLEO, “It’s one thing if I clicked and they tell me it’s sold out; it’s another when I can’t even get to the next page.”

The same Singtel employee, Nurul, suggested a solution to the common problem faced by these customers: to refresh their browser and ensure only one tab was opened.


Others experienced another type of problem: after failing to get confirmation, they tried again, only to be prompted that they had ordered two sets.


A Singtel employee on Twitter pointed out that the issue might not lie with Singtel’s server because some people managed to get their hands on the phones.


CLEO’s Senior Designer Sheryl is one of the lucky ones to land a slot (don’t be jelly!). She experienced the server crash yesterday and got her mum to try her luck this morning. The latter couldn’t access the page using a laptop, so she tried booking a slot using her phone browser and managed to make a reservation at 10.10am.

Sheryl said, “The updates page reflected that it was sold out, but I don’t know what magic my mum used, she managed to get through and reserved a phone for me.”

Sheryl will be getting her hands on the iPhone 7 in Gold, 32GB. She even took leave for the collection at the launch at Marina Bay Sands at 10am tomorrow.

At 11am, Singtel closed reservations for the new phones.

Singtel Prestige members had the advantage of pre-ordering the phone on September 13, 9am, one day before it was open to public.

Images: Apple