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Sometimes it’s just nice to talk to someone who really gets us, you know? But it’s not always easy to find someone with the same interests. Dating apps are really just a stab in the dark, while networking events – let’s face it – are scary.

Now this new chat app by Singapore-based company Wander is changing all that for you. Whatever your main interest, mainstream or otherwise, Wander lets you communicate with likeminded people in a chat room (not unlike old skool IRC).

Wander snapshot

It’s super easy to join a chat channel, (a quick search for “Singapore” suggests people here are really interested in entrepreneurs, the Singapore International Film Fest and also places to take nice photos) and you can connect via photos, gifs and even run polls.

Getting Started on Wander

It’s up to you how anonymous or public your profile is, but the main idea is that you can talk about whatever you want with people who actually care. Think of it as a comfortable way to step outside your comfort zone and meet more people. After all isn’t connecting with people all we really want?

Create Channel

What’s also cool is that Wander is built and run out of Singapore. The app, created by Krystal Choo started out as a dating app before expanding Wander to be totally inclusive. Says Krystal, “Social networks today have lost reason for being – to truly connect people. We’ve got so many Facebook ‘friends’, but we don’t share anything in common. The future of social networks isn’t about collecting likes and followers, or siloing you with people you know. The future is in helping you find the personal in the mass.”

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