When you see a Chinese restaurant with a signage that reads “Singleton Spot”, would you enter it? These Korean singletons did and boy were they in for a surprise.

Promised with free food, they entered the eatery and were served with their orders.

Halfway through the meal, the tablet on the wall beside them lights up with a message: “I want to have someone to eat with me. Yes / No”

Those who picked “yes” saw the partition in front of them being lifted and suddenly, they were face-to-face with another singleton.

Hilarity ensues, ranging from a guy who tries to pick a girl up with a cheesy pick-up line to awkward silence, and even an unexpected pairing.

We have no idea if this video was produced for Black Day (where singles gather and eat Jjajangmyeon on April 14) but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Watch the short video below and be prepared to laugh out loud.

Images: YouTube