Meet Queen Bey’s protégés: Sisters Chloe (17) and Halle Bailey (15), and 14-year-old Sophie Beem.

While most teenagers can only dream of meeting the superstar, these teenagers were recently taken under Beyonce’s wing after signing a multi-year contract with Parkwood Entertainment, a talent management company that the singer started seven years ago.

The siblings, who have already composed numerous tunes and even appeared in movies such as “Meet the Browns”, will be working closely with the “Irreplaceable” singer to make music and churn out albums.

Sophie, on the other hand, might make her debut in a band instead, as they believe that “Sophie’s music will be best showcased with a band”.

We don’t really know how the three girls would fare in the industry but if Queen Bey has got her eye on the trio, we reckon they might just be damn good.

Check out vids of their performances below.

Images: TPG/Click Photos