By now, everyone should be familiar with (or at least have an inkling of) LINE’s cartoon characters, Brown, Cony, Moon and James. This is how they look like, in case you need a refresher:

These characters are so popular that besides the countless merchandise in their likeness, LINE also opened a themed café and store in Korea.

To celebrate LINE’s fifth anniversary in June, they’ve given Brown (the bear, in case that wasn’t obvious enough) a little sister named Choco. According to her bio, she’s interested in fashion, beauty and sweets, and is “constantly on the lookout for chic new fashion items” and loves to show off whenever she gets a new look. #influencer

You can follow her on Instagram at @choco.linefriends, and download her sticker set on LINE, which will be made available for free till May 4.

Scroll through the gallery for more of Choco.

Images: LINE
Text: Sophie Hong