Get Hired

The Covid-19 global pandemic has affected us in more ways than one. It has changed life as we know it, creating a new normal.

The global economy has also taken a hit, and unfortunately, with Singapore being an open economy, the global downward turn has taken a toll on businesses in Singapore.

Some companies have had to restructure, some have had to put up their shutters.

The employment rate in Singapore has also dipped, with employment figures contracting by 19,900 (excluding foreign domestic workers).

We understand that it’s a daunting time for many of us: fresh graduates are worried that they might not be able to find jobs; those who are retrenched wonder if any company is hiring at all given the climate, while those who have jobs are on their toes, worried about the rice bowl.

Which is why, we’ve put together a guide of tips and advice to help you get your resume noticed, shortlisted for job interviews and hopefully, land the job you want.