You can tell that Louis Sue works out just by looking at this picture. But it’s not because he spends his days in the gym—his sculpted pecs are a product of pole dancing. An instructor at PXD Pole Studio (which he also co-owns), he was crowned the winner of the Seoul International Poledance Championship just last year.

But just what would make a guy get into a sport dominated by women?

“Back when I was in the army, I was really into fitness, and I wanted to find a new physical activity,” he explains. “I decided to take a pole dancing trial class and haven’t looked back since.”

The 25-year-old shares that his family has always been supportive—his dad bought him his first pole and his mum loves watching clips of him competing. And they were supportive even when they didn’t necessarily agree with his career choice.

“When I won my first competition, I started being able to see myself doing this seriously, and I wanted to put my studies on hold to pursue this dream. Although there was initially a lot of resistance, my parents eventually supported pole dancing as my career,” he says.

When he isn’t busy executing awe-inspiring tricks on the pole, Louis can be found doing what most guys do: gaming. In fact, he had even competed in a few gaming competitions. Needless to say, this is one guy who takes having fun very seriously.

Louis appeared on last night’s episode of Asia’s Got Talent, and impressed the judges, garnering three yeses, and is now in the running to be in the semi-finals. One of the judges, David Foster said: “You make me want to go home and stretch. I can never figure out how somebody can get on a pole, hold it and then go straight up. It always amazes me, and it gets me every single time.”

Anggun, who is also on the judging panel, said: “You certainly know your way around those poles!”

Korean celeb Jay Park, also a judge on Asia’s Got Talent, praised his flexibility saying, “Your flexibility and strength are amazing.”