I don’t want glowing skin, said no woman ever. But often, time and budget constraints can prevent us from getting a facial that will deliver a glowing complexion. Which is why we got Sarah Jane Wai Oflynn, National Pro Makeup Artist (UK), at Charlotte Tilbury, to share her tips to getting glowing skin at home.

Sarah Jane has worked with celebrities like Kate Moss, Demi Moore and Salma Hayek among many others and knows a thing or two about createing that glow which is fit for the red carpet. Accorrding to Sarah Jane, the first step to acheiveing glowing skin like a celebrity is to properly cleanse the skin. This removes any residual makeup and all the impurities so that your skincare is better absorbed and your makeup can glide on smoothly. She also shares Charlotte Tilbury’s famous “Tilbury Tap” massage technique that helps boost blood circulation and drain any excess fluid so you don’t look puffy. Watch and learn as she shows us how to get the glow up at home.