Between a packed work schedule and a thriving social life, there are only so many hours in a day for a busy millennial like me. So I always look for beauty hacks and multitaskers to save time and solve my life problems.

Our fast-paced lifestyle here in Singapore means that many of us suffer from a lack of sleep and high levels of stress. This in turn leads to dull, rough, and uneven skin, which calls for a full and dedicated skincare programme. However, a self-professed lazy girl like me has always preferred a routine that’s as unfussy as possible, so I’m always on the lookout for multitasking products to simplify my regime.

Word on the street is that local beauty brand RE:ERTH has a wonder serum that can do it all, called the Multi-Targeted Elixir (MTE). But is it truly as miraculous as touted? I knew I had to give it a whirl to see if it lived up to the hype.

The product

Potent yet lightweight, the CLEO Clear Skin Awards 2019 Winner for Best Do-It-All Serum for Normal Skin is powered by natural extracts of Japanese Spring and White Turmeric, patented ingredients exclusive to RE:ERTH. Together, they inhibit melanin over-production, which is the underlying cause of dull skin.


Additionally, the bottle contains a high concentration of antioxidant vitamin C for a brightening boost, as well as to stimulate collagen synthesis for firmer skin. All of this goodness is absorbed deep into the skin by way of Lipodisq, a state-of-the-art dermal delivery system that transports the product’s actives 10 times more efficiently. The result? Smoother, plumper skin with a radiance that looks as if you just had a facial.

Tried and tested

I’m quite lucky to be blessed with skin that behaves itself for the most part, but I do get the occasional breakout on my forehead and chin when I pull one too many all-nighters or if I had too much greasy food. #thestruggleisreal

However, genetics can only take me so far because being a Senior Designer at CLEO, I work long hours facing the harsh glare of my computer in a chilly air-conditioned office—something that’s steadily contributing to the enlarged pore issues around my nose and cheeks as my skin gets drier.

To tackle this concern, I broke out the MTE after washing my face with my usual cleanser. Upon first pump, the emollient texture of the product gave me the impression that it would leave my skin greasy after application but, boy, was I glad to be proven wrong. It actually sunk into my skin immediately (must be the Lipodisq at work), and left no sticky residue behind. This was a huge plus point for me as I’m usually too lazy to pat my serum in until it’s fully absorbed before moving on to the next step.

Right after the first use, my pores look more refined and my skin was more supple. It also seems to be a smidge brighter, which gives my complexion an overall healthier appearance. Since then, I’ve been using it every night after washing my face, and I’ve found that the gaping pores on my cheeks have shrunk a little. My improved skin texture also sees my complexion becoming more toned, with a natural lit-from-within radiance.

The CLEO verdict

I’ve tried plenty of serums, but the RE:ERTH Multi-Targeted Elixir stands out as the most rapidly-absorbing one. On top of its brightening effects, the potent formula effectively addresses the issue of my enlarged pores, and so it totally gets my vote. Fellow lazy girls, you don’t want to live without this serum!

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Text: Leong Li Yuan