CNY shopping doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Some of us (i.e. me) love the excuse to buy new clothes. But for the rest of us, sometimes the sheer thought of having to purposefully buy new clothes for the occasion just tires us. It takes the fun out of shopping and essentially becomes a chore. And is buying new clothes all there is to maximise our huatness for the new year? Why do we need to buy new clothes anyway? And what if your new clothes happen to be in all of your inauspicious colours? Does the negative now cancel the positive effects?

To prevent any of this from happening, we enlisted the help of Mark Tan⁠—a fourth-generation Feng Shui Master and the CEO of Way Fengshui Group. In part one of our series, Mark actually sat with Editor Sophie Hong, Digital Editor Hidayah as well as myself to read our bazi to help us find out what should we be wearing in 2020 in order to have the best year possible. Read about part one here.

The challenge? While Mark would be dispensing us invaluable advice, we will still have to choose our very own CNY outfits…and bring them back for him to judge how well we did. So with luck on our side, the three of us set out to the Pomelo store at 313@somerset to go shopping  Watch the video to find out how we did.

Here’s how huat Mark thought our outfits truly were.

This is part one of a two-part special Add To Cart series where we go shopping based on a Fengshui Master’s advice.
To find out how our bazi reading went, watch part 1 here.

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