You might be familiar with Elaine Rui Min for her travel adventures #AroundWithElaineJ, but we couldn’t help but notice her versatile fashion choices that range from floral dresses, statement jumpsuits and stylish sportswear. So we decided to go on a shopping spree at H&M with her to create three date-appropriate outfits under $150 each (not including footwear).

Before we went shopping with her, we asked her fiancé Gabriel for some intel about what he liked about her style. “Her style has matured over the years. What I like about her current style is that it is feminine, chic and and elegant,” he said. “But it would be refreshing to see her dress differently. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise!”

Though it may seem easy to put on a dress and heels for date night, it’s a smarter idea to stick to separates for more versatility in the long run. As for what he thinks is sexy for a date? Gabriel said, “It should be something casual but not over the top.” And what about heels? Do guys really think heels are sexy? Watch the video to find out!

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