Just like horoscopes, Fengshui is one of those things where you may or may not believe in it, but’s always fun to get a reading. And why not? Adulting is stressful enough and sometimes it’s just nicer to put the fate of your future in the universe’s hands instead.

(Unless you’re a huge sceptic and rather be the master of your own destiny, then you may scoff and ignore us.)

(Chinese)New Year, (Chinese)New Us

Now when it comes to superstition, the CLEO team is pretty split on it. 50 per cent of us are staunch believers, ensuring we follow the superstitions of whatever our culture (and sometimes others) dictate. The other 50 per cent of us take it with a pinch of salt, but when given the opportunity to improve our chances of good fortune, let’s just say all 100 per cent of us would like to partake.

So with the Lunar New Year beckoning, we decided to engage a Fengshui Master to give us tips on how we should be dressing for 2020.

The premise was simple. We got in touch with Mark Tan⁠—a fourth-generation Fengshui Master and the CEO of Way Fengshui Group—to do a personalized bazi reading for Editor Sophie Hong, Digital Editor Hidayah as well as myself to let us know what are some of the auspicious colours, shapes and patterns that we should be implementing into our outfits if we wanted a good year ahead.

Watch part one of Add To Cart episode five where Mark accurately predicts our personalities just from reading our bazi charts and show us how we can improve our fashion choices.

So, what exactly is a Bazi reading?

According to Mark, in the Chinese zodiac we each actually have four horoscopes, not just the ones that represent us for the year we’re born in. A Bazi reading takes the eight characters/elements that represent your life. This can be calculated by taking the year, month, day and the hour you’re born in. This is essentially your cosmic blueprint and this chart can be analysed to discover who you are as a person and predict what your life will hold.

The Chinese believe that everything in the world is made up of five different elements—wood, fire, earth, metal and water. And as members of nature, our bodies and destinies are also made up of these five things. With Fengshui, everything is about balance. So if you know the elements your chart consists of, you’ll know how to properly balance them to improve your year or life.

In fact, if you’re interested in doing a reading, Way Fengshui actually has an online tool that will help you calculate your chart. Just log in and continue as a guest to get your reading. But just FYI, the site only creates the chart for you. For a detailed explanation, it’s still best to consult a Fengshui master.

So… are we huat or not? How do we add more huat into our lives with fashion?

“You always want to look your best on the first day of Chinese New Year,” Mark tells us. “If you don’t look your best, you’re not going to look your best for the entire year. For the Chinese, the first time you do anything or the first day of an important occasion is super important. We have a saying in mandarin: ‘A good start is always half the battle won.’”

He adds, “The whole reasoning behind buying new clothes for the year is that you don’t want to be seen as poor. But that doesn’t mean you only have to buy new clothes. New just has to symbolize new to *YOU*, so it’s totally ok to buy something second-hand or even borrow something from your friend.”

Wah sian, I don’t really like to wear my auspicious colours leh. Then how? Do I need to buy a new wardrobe?

“It’s always good to dress well and in bright colours, but wearing your auspicious colours is the thing that matters the most,” Mark advises us. “Doing so will give you an aura of attraction, and thus make you appear more appealing to people.”

If you’re wearing auspicious colours general to your overall luck/reading, there’s no harm. But if you’re looking to strengthen specific areas, then that’s where you have to look at their charts and adjust accordingly from there. Your charts change every year as well, so you can’t apply the same advice you get for the rest of your life.

When it comes to auspicious colours, you don’t have to wear them every single day of the year. So, put a pause on overhauling your entire wardrobe. You only need to incorporate them into your outfit during those occasions. For example, as a metal element heavy person, I was told by Mark that although white and gold, in general, was inauspicious to me, if I wanted to improve my romantic life, I actually should incorporate those colours when I went on dates as the fire energy those colours represented would compliment me.

“You can also use colours that are productive to your auspicious colours as well,” Mark explained. “For example, green(nature/wood) is considered productive to red(fire) as when you add wood to fire it creates more energy.”

TL;DR: We consulted a Fengshui Master to give us shopping advice. 

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