You know how the moment December hits and Mariah Carey is basically on everyone’s Christmas Spotify lists? So that’s exactly like me, but only with all my party clothes at the end of the year.

The minute the first of December strikes, I break out the sequins, the tulle, the diamanté and keep all of my fancy gear in heavy rotation throughout the month. And then when the new year rolls in, I retire everything to the back of my closet. Unseen and tucked away until the next festive season comes along.

And then I rinse, lather and repeat.

I’ve stuck to this cycle for years on end now, so why fix what isn’t broke right? But then I started thinking, why *do* I need an excuse to wear my most extra pieces? I mean, I’ve already carried a Hello Kitty carrier as my purse, so what’s actually stopping me from wearing my party clothes from January to November? Why do I need to wait for a party or a wedding to break out my fancy gear? In fact, some of my pieces are so over-the-top that I can’t even wear them to a wedding lest I want the bride to sever all ties with me.

Besides, with the amount of money I spend on clothes, I should be wearing them to…just about everything to get my money’s worth via the cost per wear. Cost per wear (or CPW for short), is basically the magical formula that most fashion people use to justify their purchases. Especially when it comes to beautiful, luxurious and devastating designer pieces that comes at the cost of a down payment of a house. Jk, I’m just exaggerating. Maybe just a month’s rent. It’s the antithesis of fast fashion. You spend more but you get longer wear out of your clothes.

But I digress.

If you’ve been following me or CLEO for some time now, you know that I am partial to a style challenge or a fashion experiment. Either by choice or to satiate my Digital Editor Hidayah’s need for amusement. So for this month’s challenge, in anticipation of the party season, I decided to wear a selection of my fanciest gear to the office for an entire week, regardless of whether I had a party to attend to or not. And to see if it was actually doable, I would take public transport to the office to judge the reactions around me.

Watch the video to see how the public reacted, then scroll through the photos to see what I wore:


I love fashion. I think by now it’s pretty obvious how much fun I have with it. But one of my biggest pet peeves in the whole wide world is not being dressed appropriately for the weather. I hate having layers when I’m warm, and I hate not having enough when I’m cold. And almost all of the week’s outfits made me feel either way due to the transition of the extreme heat of the outside, and the Siberia levels of air-conditioning in my office. I was literally feeling extremely uncomfortable in my own skin.

Taking public transport was a bit tricky as well. I do tend to take a cab whenever I’m dressed a bit more “extra”. Not just for the convenience, but to avoid the commuter stare down as well. Sometimes my clothing take up extra space and I feel slightly embarrassed when people move away from me. An older couple did enjoy my tulle skirt and gave me a compliment on the train though, so shout out to that sweet husband and wife pair that made my day at Braddell MRT.

But it wasn’t all bad though. I really did enjoy utilizing some of my clothes outside of the party circuit especially the ZARA top with huge sleeves on day two and my Comme des Garçons tulle skirt on day three. Attempting to make them work for the office and the day time really brought about some interesting outfit combinations that I otherwise wouldn’t have tried. And regardless of the weird stares I got, being in those clothes really made me feel happy.

But I am never one to chose fashion over comfort and convenience. So while I will slowly try to incorporate some of my fancier pieces on days where there’s minimal walking and zero chance of me being in the outside heat, I think this is one experiment where I’ll concede defeat.

Sorry party clothes, back to the wardrobe you go—it’s not you, it’s me! See you same time at Christmas and New Year’s again?

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