So you know how everyone has that one friend who comes up with all these crazy ideas, and then for a moment you think to yourself, “Hmm, that sounds like a really fun project to do, let’s do it!” and then you kind of regret it after? So this is basically what happened to me when Fashion Editor Cheryl challenged me to wear only a cheongsam for an entire week—regardless of what I was doing. Yes, this even includes grocery shopping.

My name is Audrey—or better known as @tippytoess to some—and this is my week ahead.

Watch the video above, then scroll through the photos to see what I wore.


After the week was over, I was so happy to be back in my “normal” clothes. Here are my takeaways from this challenge.

  1. Not every occasion is cheongsam-friendly.
  2. Accessorising is really hard.

I found it really difficult to match all my cheongsams with my regular bags as I tend to prefer carrying roomier bags that can fit at least a water bottle and my laptop. With a cheongsam, it’s very hard to not look like an “auntie”, especially if you’re carrying a big tote bag. So I had to pretty much use the same bag for an entire week because it was the only one I had that was dainty enough to match all of my cheongsams.

So the question is this: Would I wear a cheongsam for an entire week again before or after the CNY period? Probably not. I kind of missed things like throwing on a cap whenever I had a bad hair day or having the option of wearing shorts when I had to do regular things like grocery shopping.

But one positive thing that I took away from this experience is that the cheongsam silhouette is actually really figure-flattering. It hugs in you in all the right places and it just looks really good on a woman’s body. I received a lot of attention wherever I went so it made me feel extra confident—I really liked that. So I guess if I’m having a really sh*tty day, I might turn to a body-hugging cheongsam to make myself feel better.

As told to Cheryl Chan

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