The CLEO fashion closet is an…interesting one. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of interesting shoots that had themes like futuristic athletic wear to OTT sequins for party wear specials. And while the closet situation is nothing like what you see in The Devil Wears Prada, it’s still fun enough for someone to pull together crazy looks that will definitely get you some stares.

So for a fun little style experiment, we challenged Alicia, one of our videographers, to go HAM with our clothing rack. As someone who is on the move a lot, Alicia tends to pick function over fashion when it comes to dressing for work. But what happens when we challenge her to pick five outfits from the craziness that is the fashion closet?

Watch the video above, then scroll through the photos to see what Alicia wore.


“This whole challenge just felt like a capsule wardrobe challenge. When I did this challenge, I thought I should choose pieces that were more outlandish and out there so that the challenge would be more exciting. But I did shoot myself a little bit in the foot because I didn’t expect the rack to be that crazy!

Honestly, this was a great creative exercise for me, coming to work every day with like a different side of myself to showcase. But my workplace favours functionality over style so the fact that I kept coming into work with all these crazy outfits did make my boss question my sanity a little bit.

Well, she never said anything about it but I’m just over here crossing my fingers hoping that I don’t receive a HR letter.

Honestly, I would wear these outfits again. I came up with them and I’m proud of them. Except for the gold shorts—we don’t talk about that.

You know, just choose pieces that you normally wouldn’t choose. I mean, fashion is all about fun. It’s all about taking risks. It’s all about maximising the creativity in you so, yeah go for it.”

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