Your colleagues are the people you spend most of your waking hours with. But does that mean you know them inside-out? The CLEO team decided to put our friendship to the test with an office Secret Santa gift exchange. So here’s the challenge: we had less than 48 hours to shop our gifts. Thankfully, it was doable thanks to NomadX, a multi-brand concept store in Plaza Singapura. You can touch, see, and feel the items before purchasing on Level 3 of Plaza Singapura, and then do the actual checking out online to apply any discount codes. Strapped for time? Just browse through the wide range of items on the NomadX website, and then opt for self-collection on the same day or the next. So easy!

Armed with a $50 budget, the CLEO team set out to find the best presents we can get for the Secret Santa gift exchange… which really puts how well we know each other to the test. Watch the video to see which team members were naughty and which team members were nice with their gifting choices!